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Catalysis and Reaction

Engineering Laboratory (CATRE)

Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Laboratory (CATRE), at the Sirindhorn Thai-German Graduate School of Engineering (TGGS), has been established since 2015. The Faculty is a joint collaboration between KMUTNB (Thailand) and RWTH Aachen University (Germany). An Centre of excellence on catalysis and membrane technology for energy and environment has been set up in 2022.

Starting from one small lab-built system for methane steam reforming, nowadays we have multiple sophisticated rigs and equipments which are able to carry out many catalytic multi-phase reactions, both pressurized and non-pressurized processes such as CO2 to methanol, bio-ethanol to ethylene, CO2 to olefins, oxidative coupling of methane, thermochemical cycles of H2O/CO2 to syngas, chemical looping processes, DMC and DEC productions etc.

We have developed many novel catalysts such as CeO2 nano-rod, CeO2 flower-like, CeO2 nano-wire, CeO2 microspheres, CeO2 hierarchical etc.

Vision and mission statement

Catalysis and Reaction Engineering (CAT-RE)

Multi-cultural laboratory

We are a multicultural laboratory hosting variousnationality of postdocs, exchange students and postgraduate students from many countries such as India, France, Pakistan, Germany, Vietnam, Indonesia, Czech Republic and many more.


We strongly encourage equality in all aspects. We focus on eliminating any possible barriers faced by underrepresented groups of people. 

Clean technology

We are researching on making the world better for everyone. We solve global problems with our research alliances all around the world. The processes we have been researched are based on green technology, from cradle to grave. We have always considered SDGs, where we are moving forward to solving global issues together while seeing ourselves as global citizens.

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